Curriculum Vitae

Education ____________________________________________________________________


Bachelors of Arts in English literature, 2011

GPA: 3.2/4.0   Major GPA: 4.0/4.0

Deans’ List: Two semesters

Related Courses:

  • Topics in Popular Culture: Blogging
  • Media and Professional Writing
  •  Tutoring in the Writing Center: Tutor
  • Colonial and Post-colonial Studies
  • Gender and Women’s Studies
  • Latino Literary Studies

At UIC, I realized my passion for writing and analyzed literature through critical thinking by majoring in English literature. By taking courses which complemented my interests, I explored a diverse array of subjects: history, gender, religion, post-colonialism, and politics. My interest in media and communications was piqued as I gained knowledge about how the media represents minorities, Muslims, and women. I was also editor-in-chief for Al-Bayyan, the newsletter for UIC’s Muslim Students’ Association and was president of Humanitarian Aid, a student organization, which held fundraisers for natural disasters in various nations.

Professional Experience __________________________________________________________


As a communications intern at CAIR-Chicago, I have critically analyzed and responded to media bias against Islam and Muslims through written, audio, and video journalism. As an executive intern, I have added to my writing skill set through grant writing. My work has educated CAIR-Chicago’s constituency on the importance of social activism using social media and furthered the organization’s mission to defend civil rights, fight bigotry and promote tolerance.


  • Conducted, recorded, transcribed, and edited interviews for various projects
  • Monitored media (newspapers, websites, etc)Wrote, acted in, and recorded video blogs
  • Wrote and published articles on pertinent issues related to Islam and Muslims in America
  • Edited blogs and letters to the editor
  • Maintained CAIR-Chicago’s national website
  • Event Management: photographed events, greeted and signed in guests


  • Found, wrote and sent grant applications using critical thinking and analysis of feasibility for CAIR-Chicago
  • Manned front desk/as receptionist – answered, transferred, and recorded clients’ phone calls
  • Kept accounts spreadsheet up-to-date by keeping records of incoming donations/checks using QuickBooks, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Word.
  • Housekeeping – made sure office was in good condition and working order
  • Mailed thank you letters and invoices to clients


Acquiring a leadership role at EWL enabled me to engage with as well as collaborate with youth outside of the Chicago land area. Mentoring young bilingual professionals provided me with a unique opportunity to broaden my horizons and bring together youth from diverse backgrounds. Through publishing weekly newsletters and writing articles, I reached out to hundreds of community leaders and received valuable feedback on my work. My fluency in written and spoken Urdu and Hindi (spoken) furthered my progress at EWL.


  • Edited and published weekly online newsletter
  • Mastered two online publishing mediums: and
  • Wrote and published weekly articles on various subjects (published online and in English section of Urdu Times newspaper)
  • Edited fellow interns’ weekly articles
  • Led weekly conference calls to discuss major accomplishments and relegate tasks
  • Trained fellow interns on skills learned

HUMAN DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION, Schaumburg, IL, July 2012 – Present

By finding and pitching grant applications as a grant finding intern, I helped kick-start the Human Development Foundation’s search for alternative funding. Working with HDF has been an uncommon opportunity as the organization aims to facilitate positive social change and community empowerment in Pakistan. HDF champions mass literacy, enhanced quality of education, universal primary healthcare and grassroots economic development in Pakistan, causes which are close to my heart.


  • Researched grant-making foundations to appropriate funds for HDF
  • Compiled chronological spreadsheets of relevant foundations on Microsoft Excel
  • Wrote informational articles which were published in HDF’s weekly online newsletter

JUMPBUNCH: SPORTS & FITNESS FOR KIDS, Chicago, IL, November 2011 – January 2012

Working as a communications and hiring coordinator for JumpBunch gave me a wonderful opportunity to interview and screen candidates for a paid position which would require interaction with young children aged 2 – 5. It required an energetic, playful, and dedicated professional to keep 10 – 15 children engaged at one time. I enabled JumpBunch to hire a competent professional who complemented the company’s mission – to provide structured physical activity to young minds and bodies.


  • Conducted and transcribed applicants’ interviews
  • Assisted in screening candidates for professionalism and capability
  • Participated in marketing events at Navy Pier

Volunteer Experience ____________________________________________________________

SWEDISH COVENANT HOSPITAL, Chicago, IL, May 2009 – December 2010

Volunteering at Swedish Covenant Hospital was my first step into the professional world. I learned how to communicate, multitask, and behave in a professional setting which helped me tremendously at my future internships.


  • Answered phone calls and relayed messages
  • Organized volunteers’ office and paperwork


  • Answered patients’ calls
  • Provided patients with utilities (ex. water, medicine, lunch, etc)
  • Kept patients’ rooms organized by changing sheets, refilling utilities’ dispensers
  • Kept patients’ files up-to-date and organized
  • Made rounds to check on patients’ status and connected them with nurses

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